DTPID Pre-Event Hotel Application and Budget Form

Submitted 60 days prior to Event Start

Hotel Information:

Event Information:

Available Funding and Return on Investment:

  • Your anticipated number of Hotel Room Nights as determined by contracted room block
  • Multiplied by Contracted Hotel Rate to get Total Revenue
  • Divide Total Revenue by 10 to get the 10:1 required ROI = Maximum Eligible DTPID Amount

Hotel Room Nights Avg. Room Rate $ = Total Revenue $0 / 10 (for ROI) =

$0 Maximum Eligible DTPID Amount

This cannot be higher than the Maximum Eligible Amount

When submitting this Individual Hotel Incentive Application, signatories acknowledge the information contained herein as accurate and agree to review of all related event materials and final support documentation prior to DTPID payment.

If you have any questions, please contact Sheryl Budelier at (214) 571-1337 or Sheryl@visitdallas.com

Print this screen for your records before submitting. (Control+P or Command+P)