DTPID Pre Event Form Submission

Complete 90 days before event

Contact Information:

Organization Information:

Event Information

Event Venue:

How to Estimate DTPID Funded Amount:

Select ONE method of computing the anticipated incremental room night code and fill in the appropriate blank:

  • Please Choose an option
  • Estimated total number of attendees of the event multiplied by factor.
  • Estimated number of trackable hotel room nights through hotel booking codes.
  • Estimated total number of ticket sales sold or registartions from outside of the DFW Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) multiplied by factor.
  • x 0 = 0 Total Room Nights

Let's do the Math:

  • Your anticipated number of Hotel Room Nights as determined above
  • Multiplied by Average Hotel Rate (use $168 per night or your Booking Code Rate) to get Total Revenue
  • Divide Total Revenue by 10 to get the 10:1 required ROI = Maximum Eligible DTPID Amount

Hotel Room Nights

x Avg. Room Rate $

= Total Revenue $0 10 (for ROI)

= $0 Maximum Eligible DTPID Amount

Maximum Amount per Fiscal Year Allowed: $35,000

Event Budget:

Total Event Budget
Total Event Budget
Total DTPID Funds ($35,000 Max) 0
DTPID as a % of Total (35% max): 0

How You Plan to Spend the DTPID Funds:

The "Total DTPID Funds" number and the "Maximum Eligible DTPID Amount" must be equal

DTPID Funding Categories
Event Marketing:
Event Staffing:
Event Production


Total DTPID Funds 0

Match with Maximum Eligible DTPID Amount: $0

Applicant, when submitting this Event Application Package, acknowledges the information contained herein as accurate and agrees to review of all related event materials and final support documentation prior to DTPID payment.

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Event Application Program


If you have any questions, please contact Maribeth Lysen at (214) 571-1028 or Maribeth@visitdallas.com

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